December 16, 2017

Stockholm International Dog Show, the final show of the year!!

SE Junior Winner ’16, DK KLBJCH O Captain My Captain Alikana”Kapten/Keptyn”
Starting from intermediate class:
Best Of Breed, CACIB, CAC, SWEDISH WINNER 2017!! 


Hitta Vilse Hold Your Horses “Odin”
Junior males, EXC 3.
Co-owner: Beatrice Kastrup


SE UCH Hitta Vilse Glanni “Cooper”
Champion males EXC 2 CC, 4th Best Male.
Owner: Johan & Helen Folke


SE, DK UCH Peppergarden’s Härlige Hassan
Champion males EXC.

Hitta Vilse Genta
Open Bitches EXC 3.
Co-owner: Emma Wallin


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