May 16, 2015

A couple of days ago the Swedish BostonSpecialty was held in Jönköping where we participated, and what a lovely day! Judge of the day was Dr Igor Mioc from Kroatia with 70 enterings to the show!
We brought four dogs to the show and this is our results!:

The highlight of the day was when Barbro, Skin-Deep’s Flower By Kenzo, became the 2nd Best Bitch of the show! Before the finals she had also won the large Open Class Bitches. We are sooo happy and proud!!

To participate in the show, we had the little man Nibbler, Hitta Vilse Gillingur on a visit with his owners. This was Nibblers first show ever and with no real life showtraining he did impressivly good! His results was also wonderful, first winning the ageclass of 6-9 months old males with HP and then finishing as the shows 2nd best male pup of the day! Wonderful results that we are really happy about! 😀

Little Genta, Hitta Vilse Genta also entered the show and I am so proud of her temperment and the showskills she is beginning to gain by the experience she now has. She finished as the 2nd best female in 6-9 months old bitches with HP!!

Ofcours we had our lovely Hassan, Peppergarden’s Härlige Hassan with us as well and the showed off really nicely. He finished as 4th place in a strong group of Open Class Males!

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