November 16, 2014

A nice weekend has come to its end!

DSC_4366 DSC_4479 DSC_4485

The Norwegian and Nordic Winner Shows has taken place in Lilleström, Norway and we
participated with Hassan. The first day, at the Norwegian Winner Show our Hassan won
the intermediate class, recieving excellent, CQ and finished as 4th best male of the day,
with 52 bostons entering!

The second day, at the Nordic Winner Show, he again won the intermidiate class,
recieveing excellent and CQ.

Barbros daughter Peppergarden’s Svängiga Svea “Perle” was Nordic Junior Winner ’14
and finished as 2nd best bitch of the day and recieved the CAC!!


Little Gillingur traveld with us to Oslo and went to his new home with Elena and Jane. He had a great time during the evening and we stayed
for a nice meal after a long day on the roads. During the weekend he also got a new name and is now called Nibbler! We whish Nibbler and his
new family a great life together and we are looking forward to meet you again. Nibbler with his favorite toy, in his new family!:

Genta and Gambra went to their new homes about 1 week ago when they turned 8 weeks old. Genta went to live with my mother and will
stay as a part of our kennel to hopefully become a nice showdog! Gambra went to Tommy in Norway, also with the hope of becomming a
really good female for the future!

Today, Glanni met his new family for the first time. It all went very well and he will move to his new family the next tuesday. I am so very
happy about the homes I have found for the puppies! Now Galdur is the only one who is still seeking the right famly!

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