September 4, 2014


Barbro has now come to day 52 of her pregnancy and has 8 days left to go,
if she doesn’t have other plans!

She is now going through a new period where she is quite tired and rests most
part of the day. My experience tells me she probably will continue with this rutine
until the little raisins enters the world! Otherwise she is doing just fine. She is happy
and healthy, but at the same time heavy and a bit clumsy in a very cute way.

We have decided not to do the x-ray of her belly, and I can tell you, we are just as
curoius as anyone else of what genders and how many little gangsters there is hiding
in her belly. Well, you can never find out genders before birth, but how many they
are can be figured out!

Now we can only wait and see what she will bring in to the world. Soon.. very soon!

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