June 2, 2014

DSC_9194-2At May 31 the Swedish Bostonterrier Club arranged the yearly unofficial club show, with 93 enterings!
Hassan was placed as 3rd Juniormale with honorsprice.
His sister Peppergarden’s Hjärtlige Hjördis was placed as 4th Juniorbitch with honorsprice – her first show ever!

Also Peppergarden’s Jobbige Johnny and Skin-Deep’s Flower By Kenzo participated at the show, and we had a great day with our friends. Unfortunately, the camera was giving us a hard time, but at last it agreed to give us some photos of our girls 😉 Pictured to the left: Skin-Deep’s Flower By Kenzo “Barbro” (on the ground)

DSC_8811-2 DSC_8871
Pictured above: Peppergarden’s Hjärtlige Hjördis

The news also reached us that Barbros daughter Peppergarden’s Svängiga Svea was shown at the
international dogshow in Drammen, Norway and became BOB-Puppy! -Congratulations!

Hassan also participated at the national dogshow in Norrköping June 1st and got the judgement Excellent,
but without the CK as he has been more busy chasing girls instead of eating properly!

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